ENFIT Food Safety Meeting Brussel

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In October 2017, a group of Leading [Global] brand names in Food Manufacturing attended a European Working group on Food Safety in the Supply Chain. One of the conclusions it that traceability of the cleaning process is essential and only a print Cleaning Document will be insufficient in the near future.

In 2016, The European union published a European Implementation Assessment about Food Contact Materials (EC 1935/2004). In this report, it was concluded that the lack of specific measures at EU level for some food contact materials negatively impacts the functioning of the internal market for the relevant material or article and its food safety. In case of bulk transportation, the transport equipment is considered to be the “packing material” and therefore conditioning the tankers (tanker cleaning) can anticipate more interest of European Legislation in the future.

The awareness of the food industry for the tankcleaning is growing rapidly and positively. It is also acknowledged that appreciation and awareness of this element in the quality chain can improve. For cleaning stations who actively look to influence their future, this could be an interesting platform to attend. The working group has scheduled multiple assemblies and will provide final input in the European Directive for approval by the EU member states by DG-SANTE early 2019. So the future is near! This working group is hosted by www.ENFIT.eu