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The complexity of our supply chain is high, and it is good to remember how fragile it is.

When transporting foodstuffs in tankers tankcleaning is essential as the product comes into direct contact with the transport equipment. However this process is often underestimated, under-valued and the responsibilities misunderstood.


Industry specialists concluded from an HACCP perspective Tankcleaning is a high risk:
– it concerns direct unpacked product contact.
– contaminants are diverse and undefined; what to test for?
– it is a remote process often done by a 3rd party; often not known by the cargo owner.
– the process itself is often untraceable afterwards.
– the cleaning certificate is not a certificate in sense of traceability, liability and process-control.


At CleanSecure it is our passion to (re)connect cargo owners and remote cleaning stations.
Connection creates appreciation and understanding. Traceability creates control and quality improvement.
With modern process monitoring technology we help the food industry to secure this essential process.
The technology helps the shipper with validation of the true cleaning process when accepting tankers prior to loading.
Also we help the cleaning stations to improve their own process- and cost control.

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